wax seal

Wax seals

We love snail mail! Nowadays it’s a really special thing to receive a letter. Stick a wax seal on it, to show your guests how much of an effort you’ve put into inviting them.

Our seals are flexible so they rarely brake in the mail and comes with adhesive on the back ready to put on your envelope.

magnolia collections_Viol invitation pakke_invitation suite


Tie it all together! If you have an invitation suite with multiple cards, a ribbon is an elegant way to keep it nice and tidy. Or maybe just add it for decoration?

magnolia collections_Clara bryllupsinvitation_wedding invitation suite

Envelope printing

The very first impression is the envelope, we make sure it is really nice. If you are not blessed with a beautiful handwriting, or haven’t got the time for it, opt for a printed address on the envelopes. It keeps the look very clean and the layout matches the design of the collection. And for the Danes we can print a “portokode” in the same design.

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